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Insulated Cappings and Wax Melter




Cappings wax melter enables you to simply separate honey from wax cappings based on the circulation of warm air in the melter. There is a heater with power 2,5 kW/230 V built-in the lid with a thermostat (30-90°C). A ventilator circulates air inside, which results in even distribution of the temperature. Wax cappings begin to melt and honey drips to the bottom of the tank. Melted wax is above the honey and it protects the honey from the heat. The investment quickly comes around as this enables you to extract entire honey out of the honeycombs.

The tank is isolated and covered with a surface of stainless steel. Therefore, less energy is wasted.
At the bottom of the tank there is a perforated insert and the entire tank is made of stainless steel. All parts of the cappings melter that come in contact with food are appropriate for managing foods. This system of melting cappings is especially convenient for beekeepers that uncap their frames automatically or with electric knives for uncapping, as more honey is with the cappings. Wax melter can also be used for decrystallizing honey in jars our smaller tanks. Jars can be placed on the perforated insert and thermostat is set to the right temperature.


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