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Beekeeping uncapping fork - cranked needles




The simple uncapping fork is still a very effective way of uncapping combs of honey. The cranked needles on this model keep the handle away from the face of the comb and allow the beekeeper to lift off the capping with minimum wastage, although, many beekeepers use a knife for uncapping, a knife produces a lot of wax and honey which have to be separated somehow. Commercial bee farmers use expensive cappings spinners but used carefully, the uncapping fork produces almost dry wax with only a little honey mixed in with it. This makes the uncapping fork an ideal tool for the small scale beekeeper with only a few hives.  Easy to use and with minimal wastage of honey.

The uncapping fork is also used for removing drone comb as part of varroa control.  this tool is ideal for that purpose but please don't use the same tool for uncapping and drone brood removal, this could lead to contamination of your honey.


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