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Beekeepers bee brush



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This soft bristled bee brush is ideal for both clearing bees from super frames and brushing bees from the edges of the hive bodies to reduce the danger of crushing.

When clearing bees from super frames, have an empty super on the ground next to the hive with a cover or roof fitted to it.

Lift out each frame from the super to be cleared in turn and first shake the bees from the frame then brush off the stragglers with the brush. Always brush and shake the bees back into the hive. When all the bees are off the frame place it quickly into the empty super and replace the cover. When all frames have been cleared of bees take the super away but do not take it directly to your extraction room. Stop a short distance from the room and go through the super again, brushing off any remaining bees which nipped into the super when you were adding frames. When you do take the super to the extraction room ensure the windows are closed to stop bees coming in. If there are any bees still in the super they will fly towards the windows, if necessary turn off any lights in the room to encourage them to do this. You can open the windows briefly to let out the bees but close them quickly as the smell of honey during extraction is a powerful attractant for any bees in the area!


High quality brush to gently remove the bees from the frames.

The whole handle has a length of 35,5 cm.

The bristle surface is 20 cm and the bristles are 5 cm long.

Wooden handle.

To reduce the risk of disease transmission wash the brush regularly. A dishwasher on a cool cycle works fine but ensure the brush is lying flat so the bristles stay straight. If the bristles do get a kink they will straighten out after a short while.


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