Tell me about Paradise Hives

The BeeBox beehive system is the result of 40 years of beekeeping and development experience on the biggest beekeeping operation in Scandinavia. They have been tested as well in harsh environments facing ± 50°C in Northern Europe, arctic Russia, Australia, New Zealand etc.

The beehives are made of food grade, extra hardened, expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a density of over 100 kg/m³. In proper use, the hives will easily last several decades. In order to save space during transport, the boxes are supplied unassembled.

The special frame lists increase the strength of the box and protect it from damage caused by the hive tools, minimizing the problems with the boxes during the tens of years in use.

All the BeeBox models are fitted with ergonomically designed handles located at all four sides of the boxes. They enable beekeepers to lift the boxes in a balanced way when placing them on a hive or removing them. BeeBox beehives are available for many different frame sizes, such as European, American, Russian Langstroth and Dadant, British Standard, DNM, Låg Normal, Australian, Spanish, British, Portuguese frames etc. All BeeBox hives are manufactured in Finland, with ISO 9001 quality certified process and materials.

Advantages of Paradise Honey EPS beehives: -

  • Lightness and durability of elements which make easier feeding, harvesting and management of migratory apiaries. -
  • Strong and durable structure (the Paradise Honey ‘s EPS material is denser than normally). - 12 times better thermal insulation properties than traditional wooden beehives. -
  • Resistance to moisture. - Weatherproof - Environmental performance (no risk for environment, secondary use of waste). - Compatibility of all Paradise Honey EPS beehive elements (having exactly the same size precision). -
  • Best value for your money when using Paradise Honey’s EPS beehives. - Affordable shipping due to the unassembled beehive parts from the pallets (facility in assembling the beehives’ components). - The Paradise Honey Nuc & Mate beehive is the perfect multifunction tool for making new colonies and for raising new Queens. -
  • Recent tests in Australian rain forest have shown that bees produce up to 37-45% more honey annually in Paradise Honey BeeBox beehives than in traditional wooden beehives.