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Honey sump with 6 ventricles 102x55x35 cm with heating


Dimensions: 102 x 55 x 35 cm

The honey sump with its ventricles is intended for the purification of honey immediately after the extraction from the combs. Place the honey sump under the extractor. The honey is clarified by flowing through the various chambers: first of all it flows into the removable basin with the perforated bottom, whereby the honey is coarsely clarified. Then the honey flows through 5 other ventricles into the last ventricle, from which it should be pumped into a container by means of a pump with ball valve 6/4''. The wax residues in honey rise to the surface during this procedure and the honey becomes purer after each ventricle. The honey sump should be covered with plexiglass lid.

The bottom of the honey sump is heated with a heating cable, which allows the wax residues to rise to the surface faster. The temperature is regulated by a thermostat.

Made completely of stainless steel.