Steam Wax Melter/Disinfection Pan Stainless Steel Gas Operated

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Brand: Logar

Steam Wax Melter/Disinfection Pan Stainless Steel Gas Operated

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This wax Melter is entirely made of stainless steel. With it, you melt comb wax, and you get pure wax out after. Wax cappings obtained during uncapping can be melted as well. The Melter works with water vapour.

Water needs to be constantly present in the wax Melter. When it is heated to the boiling point, it becomes vapour, which escapes through the perforated basket and melts the comb wax. Pure beeswax then flows out through the perforated bottom of the wax Melter into the tube that leads into an outside container, whereas the waste remains in the perforated basket. Simultaneously the frames are disinfected. The required time for each melting is approximately 30 minutes.

Water in the Melter is heated by a gas burner, which is set underneath. It is also possible to heat the Melter with solid fuels. A gas burner is supplied with the wax Melter.

The outside container of the Melter can be used for disinfection of beekeeping tools, equipment and frames. Both inlet and outlet can be closed with a plug. The inner basket and the bottom container have to be removed beforehand.

The wax Melter is popular with beekeepers

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