Steam wax melter/disinfection pan, heater 3 kW/230V

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Steam wax melter/disinfection pan, heater 3 kW/230V

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The electric steam wax melter is designed for melting old combs. Melting wax with steam is quick, easy, and effective.

CAPACITY: approx. 21 combs (the exact number depends on the size of the frames).
DURATION OF THE MELTING PROCESS = time to heat water to steam + approx. 30 minutes (depending on the nature of the honeycomb material)

Recommended for beekeepers with 20 – 100 bee colonies.

The steam wax melter consists of:
- square container with feet and lid,
- inner perforated basket,
- collecting basin for wax,
- immersion heater 3 kW/ 230 V with thermostat 110'C and dry running protection

The collecting basin has a wax drain and a water refill pipe (or water outlet pipe), which can be closed with blind plugs during disinfection.

We can offer you wheels with brakes as additional equipment, which can be mounted into the prefabricated holes in the legs.

Before melting old combs, fill in the water (approx. 10-12 l) through refill tube. Place the combs in the perforated basket, cover the container with the lid, switch on the heater. The powerful, thermostatic heater is innovatively integrated in a sinked basin under the bottom of the steam wax melter, which means less water is needed and the heating coil is better protected against possible failure in case of water shortage. There is a thermostat on the heating element where you can set the temperature from 30-110°C.

The water in the base of the steam wax melter simply heats up to boiling. The boiling of the water creates steam, which enters the perforated basket through a tube in the middle of the bottom part. The wax begins to melt and flows through the outlet tube into the container that we place under the melter. The waste remains in the perforated basket.

After the process, the combs are cleaned of wax - the upper beams are cleaned, you only have to clean the lower beams. After the melting process, remove the remains from the basket and fill the basket with new combs for a new melting process.

You can also melt the capping’s wax according to the same procedure.

The outer container of the wax melter can also be used to disinfect the beekeeping tools, equipment, and frames. Before this procedure, you should take the perforated basket and collecting basin for wax out of the container. Then you must close the wax drain and the water refill tube with a blind plug. Pour in about 120 litres of water, add an appropriate amount of caustic soda and switch on the electric heater. The effectiveness of the leaching solution is further increased by heating. When the work is finished, simply drain the leaching solution from the melter via a ball valve.

- Outer dimensions: 41 x 61 x 6 cm
- Inner basket dimensions: 33 x 53 x 49 cm
- Energy source: electricity
- Capacity: approx. 23 honeycombs (depending on the size of the honeycomb)
- Heating power: 3 kW
- Temperature range: 30 - 110°C
- Voltage: 230 V/50 Hz
- Material: stainless steel W.Nr. 1.4301 / AISI 304

Additional equipment:
- Wheels with brakes (art. M60210)
- Wax cleaning fleece 2,6 m2 (art. 3290)
- Container for wax 3,5 l made of stainless steel (art. 3361)

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