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Starter Kit - British National

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Starter Kit - British National

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Most new beekeepers start with the National Hive - this is the most popular in the UK. 

Complete high-density polystyrene (EPS) British National hive from leading manufacturer Paradise Honey consisting of:

Hive Contents

  • British National roof & Feed plate
  • British National floor and varroa mesh
  • 1 Brood Box 
  • 2 Supers
  • Queen excluder
  • Varroa tray
  • Entrance reducer
  • Premium hive strap
  • Hive screws

20 x Super Frames and Foundation

10 x Brood Frames and Foundation

1 Bag of Pins

Clothing and accessories
1 x Full Hooded  Swienty Beesuit (Quality Beesuit - not to be compared to cheaper substitutes!)
1 x Swienty Nappa Leather Glove 
1 x Stainless Steel Smoker
1 x Hive Tool

Swientys Clothing series is designed especially for the modern beekeeper and includes the following advantages: 

- Ventilated hat to cool off while working
- The size of the hat can be adjusted!
- Large view area. The veil is barely noticeable and minimizes obstruction of viewing field
- Extra strong veil cloth
- 65% polyester / 35% cotton
- Double distance rings will keep the veil away from your face
- Zipper all the way around the hat, enables the hat to be tipped back or taken off
- Three pockets for all the tools you need to carry in your bee yard!
- The wrist can be tightened with rubberbands to ensure the bees stay outside and the fit is optimal!
- Tight elastic band that can be adjusted to fit your size! 

Please note that the Frames are unassembled and will require assembling and the Foundation embedding. The Hive will require painting, please see our guide on our recommended paints. 

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