At Modern Beekeeping & Happy Valley Honey, our view is that small changes can make a big impact.  We are trying to reduce the ammount of packaging that we use to send our products, without compromising the  items upon receipt of delivery. We all know that some couriers arent the most careful, and we try to pack our items accordingly.

We have the support of our local community, and we recycle as much cardboard as we can, with regular deliveries from local shops and business with their waste cardboard. We then reuse it for either packing around our posted goods, or shredded for void fill.  This means, that sometimes, you may well recive your order in a box that may have a different logo, or advertising a different company! We pride ourselves in the products that we sell, and we know that the packaging that the item is received in, isnt as important as what is inside the box, and we hope that you understand our plight to try and make use of the resources we have, and do our bit for the environment. 

We very rarely use non biodegradable chips, plastic air pockets, or plastic lined boxes for any shipments. 

Of course, should any order be for a gift, and you specifically do not want any reused, or recycled packaging or filling, please do let us know, and we will do our best to accomodate you.