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5 Frame Nucleus on National Frames




Nucleus of Honey bees on 5 frames, this nucleus will be headed up by a 2021 queen. 

As commercial bee farmers provide bees that we would like ourselves, productive and ready for work. 

We treat for varroa on a regular basis and as DASH registered Bee Farmers we contantly check for EFB and AFB. We have never had either of the notifiable diseases and work hard to keep it like that. 

Please also note that a £50 deposit is non refundable.



Customer Reviews (2)


Hello Paul and Claire . Thank you for the great service and the advice you have given me over the past few weeks on the hive preparation and arrival of bees. Will definitely be using your company again.

Very docile Bees, remain on the frames during inspections, single puff of smoke for a heads up and they work away quite happily, even the queen stands her ground inspecting cells, not running for cover as soon as daylight illuminates the hive. Was that impressed I bought a second Nuc.. 100% recommended and I’d happily buy again.

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