Neopoll Stimulant Bee Food 1kg pack

  • £5.00

Neopoll is a mixture of sugar and pollen mixed as a fondant. Conventionally used as a Spring feed to stimulate early brood rearing it can also be fed at other times of the year including the Autumn and is especially recommended for queen rearing. The bees need both pollen and sugar to raise good queens and Neopoll can provide this. As it says on the packet "Kein Leben ohne Eiweiss" - or "no life without protein".

For queen rearing the fondant can also be applied directly to the grafting frames and when the queens have emerged it is the perfect food to put in our Kieler mini-nucs.

For normal feeding place the food on the frame top bars in an empty super or under the roof if there is space (depending on design of hive). The food should be as close to the brood area as possible. Support the Neopoll on a sheet of grease proof paper or open up the bag so the plastic supports it and the bees can access it around the edges. If placed unsupported on the frames it may sag down which is not normally a disaster but it might cover some brood.

Expect a strong colony to consume up to 500g per week in the Spring.

This product is manufactured in Germany to very high standards. It contains only pollen originating from Germany and is guaranteed free from disease or contaminents.  Neopoll is a complete food and providing they have access to water it contains everything the bees need.

Due to weight it is economic to buy this product in reasonable bulk. For example, shipping to a mainland UK address 10 kg will only cost about twice the amount of shipping 1 kg.

The shelf life of Neopoll is two years if kept in a cool place.

We have included 3 shots of bees eating Neopoll. The shots were taken only 48 hours after it was applied. Two show a full sized hive where the pack was opened and put with plastic uppermost. The bees have eaten the Neopoll between the frames first and are now eating into the remaining food on the top bars. Some of the fondant has slipped down between the frames which is why we now recommend putting it down plastic side lowest, allowing the bees to access it from the sides and top. The third shot shows Neopoll applied on top of a square of grease proof paper in a 5 frame nuc. The holes made by the bees can be easily seen in the late evening light.