Langstroth Jumbo Wood Frames (x10)

Langstroth Jumbo Wood Frames (x10)

  • £17.75

A pack of 10 LS Hoffman pattern self-spacing wooden frames at an excellent price. These frames require wiring before use, using the wire. Eyelets and crimper are available elsewhere in this section. Once the frames are wired they are much easier to use than the more traditional UK frame - no more faffing about with nails. The frames have 6 vertical wires and hold the foundation very flat and secure.  

These frames have a top bar which is the same thickness all along its length. This gives great strength but it does lift the frame up, reducing the top bee space, although this is countered by a corresponding increase in bottom space. They can be mixed with conventional frames with thin lugs but some beekeepers may prefer to keep them separate. This type of frame design is now very common in some European countries.

Please note that these frames require wiring, which you can do using our gimp pins and frame wire.

There is an excellent guide to wiring frames at Dave Cushman's site here.

We also supply medium and full depth wood frames.