Langstroth Complete Hive with 1 Full Depth Body

  • £75.00

A complete high density polystyrene Langstroth hive (less frames) consisting of:

Langstroth Roof 
Langstroth Floor and Varroa Mesh 
1 x Full Depth Body  
Varroa Tray 
Inner Hive Cover 
Hive Entrance Reducer 
Hive Strap 
Hive Screws 

A complete Langstroth beehive in high density polystyrene comprising roof, brood chamber, cambuckle strap and floor with aluminium acid-resistant mesh and slide out varroa tray.  We now include an inner plastic cover and entrance reducer with all our standard hives.  Although not essential (a sheet of polythene can be used under the roof and the entrance reduced with a strip of sponge or bit of wood) they make beekeeping with these hives a lot easier. The entrance reducer also doubles as an entrance closer which is very useful if the hive needs to be moved. 

This is probably the most technically advanced hive currently available in the UK. The material of construction, high density polystyrene, now dominates the market in many part of Europe and there are tens of thousands of hives like this in use and the British beekeeper can be reassured this is a high quality product that works. The hive is designed for a working life of at least 30 years and will take a lot of hard use, such as migratory beekeeping. Designed and supplied by Paradise Honey Ltd of Finland the hive represents the culmination of years of experience and research into the development of the perfect bee hive.

The hive comes with Care and Use Instructions covering cleaning, sterilisation and general management of the hive during the beekeeping season.

Takes 10 full depth Langstroth frames.

These types of polystyrene hive do not use crown boards, which are a feature of wooden hives.  We now supply a plastic inner cover, but this is not essential although it does make removing the roof easier. If you need a clearer board a sheet of plywood will suffice. Hive components are not compatible with other Langstroth hives due to the unique way the hive bodies fit together - see detail image.

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