Extra Strong Hive Tool

Extra Strong Hive Tool

  • £15.00

A very high quality and hard wearing tool from Finland. 38 % stronger than most usual tools. It won't bend and will last for decades.

 Length: 268mm

 Width: 45 mm 

Thickness: 3 mm

Weight: 156 gram

This tool has a flat end for splitting hive bodies or cracking loose frames after the first one has been removed using the "J" tool end. The "J" tool end uses the adjacent frame for purchase, thus avoiding any danger of damaging the hive wall.

A well made hive tool which will do all that is required by the beekeeper.

Current advice is to keep hive tools clean and to prevent the spread of disease either wash them between hives or between apiaries. Washing soda removes propolis and will keep the tool looking like new.