Dadant Professional Smoker 10 * 4

  • £52.00

This is generally regarded as the best smoker available anywhere. Made in the USA from brushed stainless steel it has a large 10" long by 4" diameter body which holds plenty of fuel. These smokers are highly regarded by professional beekeepers both for the quality of their construction and because they require refilling infrequently. Ideal for those with many hives but also for the smaller scale beekeeper who wants the best. Very easy to use and hold because of the lip around the bellows which allows the fingers a very secure grip.

The easiest fuel to obtain and use are wood shavings which you can buy from pet suppliers, where it is sold for animal bedding. Sprinkle a small amount in the bottom of the smoker, add a small twist of newspaper and light with a long match, gently squeezing the bellows until the wood shavings are burning well. Then slowly add more shavings, a handful at a time, on each occasion using the bellows to keep it alight. Giving the smoker a shake in between each addition of fuel. When there is a good deep bed of hot burning shavings you can fill the smoker to the top. You can also start a smoker with a gas blowlamp, and this is probably the quickest, but do not push the end of the blowlamp too deeply into the smoker or it will go out.

While doing your rounds of the hives give the smoker a puff of air from time to time to keep it alight and top up with shavings before it goes out!

When finished, plug the smoke outlet with some wet grass and lay the smoker down in an airtight and heat proof container, such as a metal biscuit tin. Alternatively, lay it on its side somewhere out of reach of children and where it can't set fire to anything until it goes out and cools naturally.