Childrens Beekeeping Suits

  • £48.00

Nothing gives better confidence than a full suit and with the wide brimmed hat to protect against sunburn these suits are ideal for children. Not to be compared to cheap alternatives these are identical to our Adult sizes (knee and elbow patches, 4 pockets, breast, hip and two side, all with zips, plus hive tool pocket etc.) See the Adult Suit range for full details. These suits are the same pattern - only smaller!

We recommend they are worn with Wellington boots (trouser-legs tucked inside the boots) and a pair of our gauntlet leather gloves. A layer of clothing with long sleeves should always be worn under the suit for additional safety. Although the hat will give good protection a sun screen lotion should also be used by children to protect the face and any exposed skin.

'Stings' retained in clothing fabric continue to pump out an alarm pheromone that attracts aggressive action and further stinging attacks. Washing the beekeeping suit regularly, and rinsing gloved hands in vinegar minimizes attraction. Our Beekeeping suits are substantial enough to be washed in a conventional washing machine in a 30 degree wash, tumble drying is not advised. Sponging the hat/veil from the beekeeping suit is advised rather than putting through the machine.

We offer three sizes of Suit for Children, XXS, XS and S. These are suitable for children of age ranges 5-6, 7-8 and 9-10. However, children vary greatly in height for their age so we recommend always going for the larger size where there is doubt. The Small size is suitable for children of a maximum height of 5 feet (1.52m). For further guide to sizes see the Sizing page along the top menu. 

No VAT payable on these sizes.