Childrens Beekeeping Jackets

  • £33.00

If your apprentice beekeepers just want to stand and watch from a distance these jackets are ideal. However, for serious beekeeping they still provide excellent protection when worn with stout trousers - jeans are ideal with the legs tucked into Wellington boots.

The full length zip makes them much easier to put on than a smock and the wide brimmed hat helps gives excellent protection against sunburn although a suitable sun screen lotion should always be used for added protection. Add a pair of our leather gloves and the young beekeeper will feel safe and ready to share your beekeeping.

'Stings' retained in clothing fabric continue to pump out an alarm pheromone that attracts aggressive action and further stinging attacks. Washing the beekeeping suit regularly, and rinsing gloved hands in vinegar minimizes attraction. Our Beekeeping jackets are substantial enough to be washed in a conventional washing machine in a 30 degree wash, tumble drying is not advised. Sponging the hat/veil from the beekeeping jacket is advised rather than putting through the machine.

No VAT payable on these sizes.