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BeeGuard® provides outstanding water-based protection for your hives and your equipment.        

BeeGuard® can be applied to empty hives, frames and artificial honeycombs especially during spring and autumn maintenance periods. It is recommended to use BeeGuard® on bee-keeping equipment and instruments frequently throughout the year. It is important to wet all the surfaces with BeeGuard® during application.

The treated surfaces can be used upon drying. BeeGuard®’s unique technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, fungi, mildew and algae without harming your bees or contaminating your honey. Thus it enables you to have healthy and strong hives.

BeeGuard® prevents highly dangerous pathogens that cause diseases such as American Foulbrood, Nosema apis & ceranae, European Foulbrood, Chalkbrood, Stonebrood, Septicaemia, Dysentery from infecting your hives, equipments and instruments.

Compared to conventional disinfection and hygiene solutions, BeeGuard® can protect your hives and your colonies in-between seasons, creating a healthy environment that is going to last when there is nothing else that can protect them. As a result your colonies will always be strong.