6 Frame Jumbo Langstroth Nucleus Hive

  • £48.00

Nucleus Roof
Nucleus Floor
Nucleus Jumbo Body
2 x Entrance Reducers

Varroa Mesh
Screw Pack

Identical to the Langstroth nucleus hive but built to take Jumbo Langstroth or Dadant frames. Uniquely, the hive body is 310mm deep which means there is a bit more space than might be expected (a Jumbo Langstroth hive body is 295mm deep) but the 15mm extra space between the floor and the frames makes no difference in a nucleus but it does make this nucleus hive suitable for BS National 14 * 12 frames when used with a frame conversion kit.  It is also large enough for commercial frames although we have no immediate plans for a conversion kit for these at the moment. Please note: our 1.8 kg entrance feeder does not fit these nuc boxes.

The alternative is to use small rapid feeders, shown in the third image. It is possible to put 2 on the roof of these nucs arranged so they feed both colonies when using a divider board. On the image you can see two circles have been drawn on the left which show how the two holes can be cut in the roof either side of the central divider. Obviously you would not put them side by side like this but one would be drilled under the feeder at one end of the roof and the other under the second feeder at the other end. The picture only shows one feeder but two would be used.

The holes are best lined with a bit of PVC pipe. DIY stores will stock PVC pipe and about 22mm in diameter works fine. Secure the pipe with water proof PVA glue if it is a loose fit. To cut the hole it will be necessary to buy a hole saw of the correct size - again a DIY shop will have them. After use, the hole can be temporarily sealed with a bit of sponge but for a longer term seal we have found a bit of wax comb pushed into the hole best - the bees will quickly complete the job and put extra wax around it to create a water proof plug which can be easily removed the following season.

Put a brick on top of the feeder to hold the lids on and ensure a good seal around the edge.

A set of instructions for the nuc box can be downloaded here.

Food for thought: A six frame Jumbo Langstroth nucleus hive has almost the same volume as a BS National brood chamber and given that in a polystyrene hive the queen can be expected to use all the frames, unlike in a wooden hive where the outer frames tend to be ignored because of temperature fluctuations the effective brood volume in this hive is probably greater than a BS National.