10 Frame Plastic Castellations (Pair)

  • £3.00

These castellations are designed to slide into our hive bodies and make spacing 10 frames a little bit easier.  They are for use with Hoffman frames for the honey crop and should only be used with frames that are already fully drawn out.  They evenly spread out the frames and allow the bees to draw out the comb deeper, maximising the honey crop and making extraction and uncapping easier.   It is not essential to use these castellations, the frame spacing can be done by eye or simply leave the original 10 frames in place, but experienced beekeepers prefer the fuller frames which spacing encourages.

Sold as a pair they can be slid into place with the frames still in the box.  Start at one end and insert under the first frame, with the raised castellations away from the hive wall, i.e. nearest the centre of the hive.  Lift up each subsequent frame in turn and slide the castellated strip into place.  Ensure the strip stays perfectly aligned with the hive wall otherwise it can slip off until the first few frames are in place. 

Please note these castellations will only work in our hives.  They will not work in hives from other manufacturers.