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Honey Paw Pollen Trap

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Brand: Honey Paw

Honey Paw Pollen Trap

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Honey Paw Pollen Trap makes sure that the pollen is effectively collected, safely stored, and accessed easily from the rear of the hive. 

  • Honey Paw provides an integrated pollen trap for the Honey Paw hive floor with a ventilation board (not included).

  • The Pollen trap replaces the ventilation board but without blocking off ventilation.

  • The pollen trap does not alter the normal entrance for the bees and saves them confusion when returning to the hive.

  • The bees will enter the hive normally and squeeze through the grid dislodging the pollen from their legs.

  • When they exit they leave via the tubes at the front of the hive acting as a one-way system.

  • The pollen is stored under the hive in the drawer which can be accessed from behind of the hive.

  • Since the pollen is stored under the hive it stays safe and secure from external weather conditions.

  • Honey Paw pollen collector doesn't cause swarming or disturb the bees like some of the external pollen collectors do.

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