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Paradise Honey Beebox Smart System

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Brand: Paradise Honey

Paradise Honey Beebox Smart System

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The Beebox Smart System is a new innovative way of managing your bees and collecting honey. 

Based on the popular Paradise polystyrene langstroth hives this system used the insulative and robust hives coupled with new patented honey collection technology.

Advantages of the Smart Beebox system:

– 24 h honey harvesting in any weather
– The honey extracting machines are not needed!
– No unnecessary frame removal from hives. They can be inspected from the outside!
– The harvesting does not disturb the bees!
– Honey is collected directly from the hive
– More spare time to keep more bees with less investment!

The Smart Hive is compatible with Lyson Langstroth hives from Abelo. 

Full hive includes 8 frame brood box, queen trap, smart super, floor, entrance reducer and hive strap, queen excluder, jerry can, and filling pipe.

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