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Frequently Asked Questions



Are you still open?

  • Yes  - we are back open fully to the public, Monday to Thursday 10-4 and Fridays-Sundays by appointments only.


Do you take Card Payments?

  • Yes, we take card and cash. ApplePay and Contactless. Klarna available at the Checkout, not in store.


What is your addess?

  •  Endon Quarry, Windmill Lane, Macclesfield, SK10 5AZ

When will my order be dispatched?

  • Once an order is received, it will be generaly be processed and despatched with 1-2 working days.  If for any reason there may be a delay with your order, or part of a hive is out of stock, you will be contacted straightaway. in peak season, orders may take longer.


How Can I track my order?



Where can I find my details?

  • Parcel Number

Upon dispatch the tracking number will have been emailed to you. 

  • Calling Card Number

Calling Card - Example

If the DPD Driver  has left a calling card like the one shown above, you can enter the calling card number which is located in the circle highlighted.


I’m not in the UK, can I still order?

  • Yes – if a price isn’t listed on the website, please do contact us for a postage quote. However, due to Brexit, When any package is shipped outside the UK it will be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These charges will typically be due once the shipped goods arrive at the country of destination.


Import Charges - Will I have to pay?


  • Such charges are not included in the product price or shipping and handling cost. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility as we are only charging the transportation fee for your order.

  • Modern Beekeeping does not have any responsibility on these additional charges that may apply.

  • The buyer is responsible for obtaining information regarding their country’s laws, regulations, and restrictions that may apply when purchasing our products. By placing an international order (shipping outside of UK),the buyer is responsible for abiding by their country’s laws, regulations, and restrictions.

  • If a product is seized and destroyed by the customs, or returned to the UK, we will NOT be responsible for the losses, product, or shipping refunds, or repeat posting. It is the buyer's responsibility to cover the shipping costs when the buyer wishes to have a second delivery attempt after the product is returned to Modern Beekeeping.



What if I need to cancel my order?

  • You can cancel your order anytime up until the time of dispatch, once dispatched, if you wish to cancel the order, please call is to arrange a return of the item. Unless the item is faulty, the cost of the item return will be at your own cost.



I’ve missed something out of my basket!

  • If you have forgotten something, or added too many of an item, please contact us by phone if possible, and we will do our best to amend the order for you, before dispatch.



Where do you deliver to?

  • Anywhere in the world! However export costs and import costs at the destination country may make make the cost uneconimical to buy, but it can be quoted for. In the UK the following postcodes may incur additional postage fees and longer delivery timescales.







IM (all postcodes)

IV (all postcodes)






ZE (all postcodes)

Postcodes AB30-AB35 and AB41-AB54 are charged at the standard UK rates but may take up to 2-4 working days to be delivered.

Paradise Langstroth Poly Hive Instructions

Assembling the Paradise Honey Langstroth Bee Box - Via YouTube  With Kind Thanks to Devon Beekeeper!

Part 1

Part 2 

Part 3 

Information on the Paradise Honey Bee Boxes  HERE from the manufacturer

Paradise Honey bee Box Manual HERE


Paradise National Poly Hive Instructions

National hive assembly instructions HERE

Information on the Paradise Honey Bee Boxes  HERE from the manufacturer

Paradise Honey bee Box Manual HERE


Honey Paw Hives and Honey Paw Nuc Assembly Instructions



Oxuvar Varroa Treatment

Instruction Leaflet HERE

Oxuvar FAQs HERE


MAQS Treatment

Instructions and FAQ HERE



General Advice

Should I paint my hive and feeder?

Before being taken into use it is essential the hive components are painted. This prevents the growth of algae on the outside of the hive, deterioration by UV and in the case of the feeder is required for sealing and ease of cleaning.

We recommend the floor and roof are fully painted on all surfaces but the brood chamber and supers need only be painted on the outside. Ideally two coats of paint should be applied, though one will suffice. The feeder requires additional painting on the inside, where the syrup sits. At least 3 coats are required otherwise the syrup will soak into the feeder and mould etc., will continue to grow even after you have washed it out. The interior "walk-way" the bees climb up through does not need painting but the surface the bees walk down to reach the syrup benefits from a light roughening with fine sandpaper to help the bees grip. If you have strong fingers the hard plastic edges can be slid off prior to painting for a neater finish. Water based exterior smooth masonry paint is recommend for all surfaces other than the inside of the feeder.

This is quick drying and easily applied with a 4" wide fleece roller and a ½" brush for the fiddly bits. We have found Dulux Weathershield Smooth Masonry paint is an excellent choice. This paint contains an acrylic resin and gives excellent coverage and wear characteristics. Woodland Pearl No 1 in the Tailor Made range of this paint is an excellent matt green that suits the hives well. We used to recommend Cuprinol Garden Shades but it is not very hard wearing and we feel the extra durability and better coverage of the Dulux paint is worth the extra cost. One litre will be sufficient for two hives with supers although you will find you probably have to buy 2.5 litres. There is a school of thought that supports painting the hive components different colours so the bees can recognize their own hive better, but unless you have a large number of hives in the apiary this would not be economic.

The BeeBox beehive system is the result of 40 years of beekeeping and development experience on the biggest beekeeping operation in Scandinavia. They have been tested as well in harsh environments facing ± 50°C in Northern Europe, arctic Russia, Australia, New Zealand etc.

The beehives are made of food grade, extra hardened, expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a density of over 100 kg/m³. In proper use, the hives will easily last several decades. In order to save space during transport, the boxes are supplied unassembled.

The special frame lists increase the strength of the box and protect it from damage caused by the hive tools, minimizing the problems with the boxes during the tens of years in use.

All the BeeBox models are fitted with ergonomically designed handles located at all four sides of the boxes. They enable beekeepers to lift the boxes in a balanced way when placing them on a hive or removing them. BeeBox beehives are available for many different frame sizes, such as European, American, Russian Langstroth and Dadant, British Standard, DNM, Låg Normal, Australian, Spanish, British, Portuguese frames etc. All BeeBox hives are manufactured in Finland, with ISO 9001 quality certified process and materials.

Advantages of Paradise Honey EPS beehives: -

  • Lightness and durability of elements which make easier feeding, harvesting and management of migratory apiaries. -
  • Strong and durable structure (the Paradise Honey ‘s EPS material is denser than normally). - 12 times better thermal insulation properties than traditional wooden beehives. -
  • Resistance to moisture. - Weatherproof - Environmental performance (no risk for environment, secondary use of waste). - Compatibility of all Paradise Honey EPS beehive elements (having exactly the same size precision). -
  • Best value for your money when using Paradise Honey’s EPS beehives. - Affordable shipping due to the unassembled beehive parts from the pallets (facility in assembling the beehives’ components). - The Paradise Honey Nuc & Mate beehive is the perfect multifunction tool for making new colonies and for raising new Queens. -
  • Recent tests in Australian rain forest have shown that bees produce up to 37-45% more honey annually in Paradise Honey BeeBox beehives than in traditional wooden beehives.

Honey Paw polystyrene beehives are a result of over 20 years of beekeeping. Designed by beekeeper for beekeepers.

Hives are tested and proven to work in all weather conditions (Finland’s harsh winter and hot summers). Higher insulation capability works on both cold and hot weather countries / areas keeping hive warm during the cold winter and keeping the excess warmth out of the hive in hot temperatures. Honey Paw’s polystyrene bee hive boxes are light weight but designed to last for many years of use. Hive material density is over 100 kg / m3 which makes it by far the thickest on the market

Bee hive bodies comes in 10 frame capacity and are standard sizes. Smooth edges without any special profiles offers compatibility with other hive parts. Boxes are lightweight and easy to handle, but offers the best material durability against hive tools and years of use.

Honey Paw hive roof and bottoms are suitable for beekeeping around the world. Roof and bottoms are designed to meet the requirements of every season. No matter if you are living in the hot temperature area or place where the climate changes radically when season changes, we have something to offer for everyone. In bulk supply, roofs and bottoms are packed tight on a pallet to ensure low freight cost per unit.

Multifunctional hive roof for dynamic and changing climate keeping the beehive warm especially when wintering and offering ventilation possibility when turned upside down.

Honey Paw beehive roof is 45 mm thick in the middle and that the beehive stays warm no matter what. Roof has overhanging outside edges to provide protection against weather. If the hive temperature should rise too high, the roof can be turned upside down, forming an exit tunnel for warm air inside of the eehive.

For beekeepers who migrates hives a lot we can recommend our migratory roof. This roof got tabs which secures bodies tightly to roof keeping bees inside hive when moving them. Extra grooves enables use of hive straps.

Beehive bottoms for every beekeeper seeking for best results. Honey Paw offers three different type of polystyrene beehive bottom: Bottom with mesh, Thermal bottom and hive bottom with ventilation board.

All the hive bottoms are designed in a way that the hive stays in optimal temperature without excessive inside moisture (preventing mold forming inside of the beehive) and are functional in use and easy to work with in every way.

Honey Paw hive bottom with mesh is supplied with either plastic or aluminium mesh. Bottom is same size as the Honey Paw’s beeboxes and the entrance is made so that the there is no need for entrance blocks or mouse guard. Bottom with mesh should be placed a little above of the ground (i.e. on a wooden pallet) so that there is a “open space” directly under the hive bottom. As an option you can close the bottom opening by separate closing board. The hive entrance should be blocked only when moving the hive or when splitting the beehive. 

Bottom with ventilation board - This all-around hive bottom can be used whole year. Bottom board has two possible positions: open and closed. By turning the bottom board you either keep the hive ventilated from the edges (open position) or the board can be turned (closed position) so that the bottom hole is completely closed to make sure that the hive stays warm. This beehive bottom has plastic mesh under the reversible polyurethane board. Hive bottom has been noticed to reduce the brace comb (or burr comb) being formed under the brood chamber frames. When wintering the bees will form the cluster “bee ball” directly on the warm styrofoam board. Bottom with ventilation board has an option to combine with Honey Paw’s pollen trap.

Do Honey Paw have feeders?

Yes! Honey Paw Beehive Top Feeder with 15 L capacity.

Honey Paw designed the hive top feeder to make feeding of the bees very effortless. Feeding can be done without disturbing the bees just by opening the hive top and adding liquid sugar. Hive feeder has an internal access from inside of the hive. Bees climb through the tunnel entrance under the clear plexiglass to feed. Feeder has been designed to offer very easy access by wide enough entrance and providing “bee steps” to help the climbing.

See through plex-glass is placed so that the air flow or daylight doesn’t disturb the hive and providing inspection window for the beekeeper to observe. Feeders inside bottom is slightly tilted by material thickness so that the feeder will empty even if the beehive is not adjusted straight on the ground (the side inside of the beehive is completely even so that no brace comb will form). Polystyrene beehive feeder should be painted also from inside to help keeping the feeder clean.


– Capacity of 15 L (should be more than enough)

– Warm and low weight polystyrene feeder

– Polystyrene density over 100 kg / m3

– Protective plexiglass prevents from bees devouring the feeder

– Two separate entrances when used “double nuc method or Palmerized hive” with 4 frame nucs


How do the Honey Paw Pollen Traps work?

The Honey Paw Pollen Trap makes sure that the pollen is effectively collected, safely stored and with easy access

Honey Paw provides integrated pollen trap for Honey Paw bottom with ventilation board. Pollen trap replaces the ventilation board but without blocking the hive ventilation. Pollen trap doesn’t changes the hive entrance place so the bees will know immediately how to get in. When entering the hive bees go through the entrance pipes in front of the hive.


Pollen is stored under the hive into the pollen drawer which can be accessed from behind of the beehive. Since the pollen is stored under the hive, it stays secure from external weather conditions (rain). Honey Paw pollen collector doesn’t cause swarming or disturb the bees like some of the external pollen collectors do.


Do Honey Paw do Nucs too?

Yes! Honey Paw nucleus beehives provide the best thermal performance for small colonies.

Nucleus hive is small beehive that can be used various ways. Nucs comes in 4 frame capacity and can be used when splitting the hive, queen rearing or wintering “spare queens”. Nuc boxes are made of same high quality material as the normal size Honey Paw beehive boxes ( expanded polystyrene “EPS” with density of over 100 kg / m3).

Complete nucs include bottom, box for frames, nuc feeder and roof. Honey Paw nuc hives has special interlocking small notches on the sides helping the parts stay in place and when moving nuc hives. This doesn’t prevent using nuc boxes together with normal 10 frame boxes (“double nuc hive or Palmerized hive”). As an advantage compared to small queen rearing boxes, Honey Paw’s 4 frame nucs doesn’t get “robbed” as easily as smaller and weaker ones.

Nuc beehive boxes are provided flat packed and are assembled in the same way as the full size beehive body.

Honey Paw’s polystyrene nucs can be used in double nuc beehive: 2x 4 frame Nuc = 10 frame normal beebox

Double Nuc beehive can bee formed either using normal size beehive bottom or with two nucs hive bottoms. With double nuc hive you can use Honey Paw’s 15 L feeder and beehive roof to cover the whole double nuc beehive complete. Colored sheet between the boxes demonstrate the use of queen excluder.



We are happy to exchange or refund any item returned in a saleable condition and in it's original packaging within 21 days from receipt of delivery.

In this instance, please send an email to sales@modernbeekeeping.co.uk  quoting your order reference and details of your return.

Please note that unless an item is faulty or damaged, the cost of the return will be at the customers expense. If you require an exchange, additional postage charges may be incurred. We can collect a damaged parcel at your request for the standard shipping fee of £8.00 per parcel, which will need to be paid prior to collection.

Once a return has been set up with a member of our team, please send the item along with a copy of your original invoice to:

Modern Beekeeping
Endon Quarry, Windmill Lane, Bollington, Macclesfield, SK10 5AZ


Damaged Items


Our Courier has a strict policy for damaged items claims.

We will need the following before a claim for damage can be made.

Photographs of:-

  • External photos of Box, damage to box, and photo of Dispatch Label, Photo of damaged goods.
  • Internal Photo - Photograph of damaged item in the box, images of internal packing.

If you require any further information, please use our contact form or call our helpline on 0330 1133255 and a member of our team will be happy to help.



Any missed items from your order must be reported to us within 48 hours of delivery, after this time, we may be unable to replace the items.





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Each £1 you spend with us earns you one point except in promotions where this can earn you more depending on the promotion

You must have a minimum of 500 loyalty points before you can use them at the checkout. When eligible you will be prompted at the check out if you wish to use them.

New loyalty points will only be rewarded when an order is dispatched.





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