6 frame standard langstroth nucleus hive



Nucleus roof
Nucleus floor
Nucleus standard body
2 x Entrance Reducers
Varroa mesh
Screw pack

Unlike virtually all other nucleus boxes available, this one is built like a proper hive with a separate floor, varroa mesh, a hive body and roof all interlocking for security and strength.

The design features a hard plastic ledge for the frames to sit in which will ensure a long life and prevent damage when propolis is scraped off. Supplied as a flat pack with full instructions for easy assembly. please note:our 1. 8 kg entrance feeder does not fit these nuc boxes.

A very valuable design feature is the ability to split the hive into two 3 frame nucleus hives through the use of a central division board (purchased separately) and the two entrances, one at each end of the floor. In normal use one entrance is closed off with a plastic entrance reducer and the other reduced in height.

As with our hives the roof is reversible so when fitted with a cut down propolis screen the nuc will be perfectly prepared for transport with no danger of the bees overheating because of ventilation through the varroa floor and propolis screen.

A set of instructions for the use and assembly of the nuc can be downloaded here.

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