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National 2 in 1 Poly Nuc Box (Unpainted)

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Brand: BS Honey Bees

National 2 in 1 Poly Nuc Box (Unpainted)

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National 2 in 1 Poly (polystyrene) Nucleus Box. British National Design - 100% Thicker Roof, - 3L Versatile Top Feeder, - Removable Fondant Plug, Top Space & Frame Runners - Removable Correx Divider

 British National Design
- 100% Thicker Roof
- 3L Versatile Top Feeder
- Removable Fondant Plug
- 20% Higher Density
- 6 Frame Nuc Box or 2-Way Mating Nuc
- Top Space & Frame Runners
- Removable Divider
- Optional Aluminium Composite Divider

This 2-in 1 Poly Nuc Box is made by BS Honey Bees -. The new 6 frame nuc doubles up as a 2-way mating nuc, the feeder has also been designed to be suitable for liquid sugar and solid fondant..

The box not only acts as a single 6 frame nuc, it can also double up as a 2-way mating nuc with the unique divider insert and separate coloured entrances located on each side of the box. This simple yet effective concept allows beekeepers to easily create self-sustaining mating nucs that are from a standardised national frame design. Dividers can also be removed during the winter to unite the colony and reintroduced the following season.

They have also eliminated the use of integrated feeders that cause issues like disturbance to the nest when feeding, brace comb, and drowning bees. This has been replaced by a clever top feeding system, which enables the beekeeper to feed the colony as a 6 frame nuc & as a 2-way mating nuc. The new feeder design also features a removable plug, which can provide access to fondant placed inside the feeder. This allows for a sustainable source of food in the winter & spring, removing any need for space wasting ekes. Offering much better value for money.

 This has also reduced the issue of frames being propolised down by incorporating a frame runner, whilst maintaining sufficient top bee space reducing the risk of crushing bees.

*frames not included

Aluminium Divider available here

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