Logar Filling machine FILLOGY LIQUID

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Brand: Logar

Logar Filling machine FILLOGY LIQUID

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Logar Filling machine FILLOGY LIQUID

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    Filling of the following products:
    propolis solution, liquor, milk, liquid yoghurt, mead and wine, schnaps, fruit juice, smoothies, water and aqueous solutions, vegetable and mineral oil, liquid syrup

    Dosing machine and pump
    Filling machine Fill Up Liquid was developed specifically for the dosing and pumping of liquid products like oils and aqueous solutions.
    It is the ideal machine for small to middle-sized grocery manufactures, oil mills, cosmetics producers as well as wage bottlers, that have to fill smaller batches of many different products.

    Compact measures enable a flexible set-up even when there is not much space.
    The machine has sophisticated electronics. They enable an effective work-flow with an enormous range of settings.
    It is possible to link different sensors or controls of external motors/ devices to the machine. This way it can be easily incorporated into already existing fully automatic filling lines.

    More specifications:
    - many common nominal filling amounts are preprogramed; display of all filling amounts in millilitres (ml), ounces (oz) or grams (g)
    - with very high filling repetition accuracy. This way you can safe great amounts of your products if you, up until now, have always filled in an extra amount for assurance. Because of this the pump will shortly have paid itself off.

    Multiple connection possibilities:
    For suction of the liquid a check valve (enclosed) is assembled to the suction hose and the pump head is filled with the liquid. Prepared this way, the machine can suck in the liquid (depending on the liquid) from up to 1 m. This way tanks can be emptied easily from above. During this, the fluid level of the liquid always has to be lower than the filling nozzle. A feed of liquid from above is not working.

    Technical data:
    - filling-amount from 5 ml to 65.000 ml
    - filling of liquids with a dynamic viscosity ? of up to 150 mPa·s.
    - filling repetition accuracy of e.g. +/- 1-2 ml at 500 ml
    - filling speed of e.g. 350 bottles ´ 1000ml/ hour (for water)
    - height of the bottles: up to 350 mm
    - minimal inner-O of the bottle-opening: 15 mm (less diameter are possible with additional parts)
    - capacity of up to 9 Litres / min at full speed pumping (with water)
    - variable motor-speed from 160/min - 3000/min
    - motor and control unit work with 24 VDC
    - to be connected to 210/110VAC by means of a transformer


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