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paradise honey Langstroth full width rapid feeder - Painted





A cleverly designed rapid feeder, ideal for winter feeding but can be used at anytime, takes 10 litres of syrup. The clear plastic inner cover allows the beekeeper to check the bees have found the syrup and to top up the syrup without disturbing the bees.

The feeder requires additional painting on the inside, where the syrup sits. 4 coats are required otherwise the syrup will soak into the feeder and mould etc. , will continue to grow even after you have washed it out. For the interior of the feeder we recommend interior gloss white paint.  Roughen the surface down which the bees climb to reach the syrup with fine sanding paper after the last coat. Alternatively, apply an extra coat to this surface only and sprinkle dry sand on it. You do not need to paint the interior surface the bees ascend.

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