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Paradise Honey Langstroth Deep / Brood Box




For use as either as a brood chamber, singly or double, but also widely used by serious beekeepers for the honey crop itself. Like the shallow super it comes flat-packed and is easily assembled without the need of adhesive. Hard plastic frame runners and lower edges at the ends of the hive body provide long life and resistance to wear from the hive tool. Massive, ergonomically moulded handles make lifting easy.

This full depth hive body takes 10 standard full depth (not jumbo) langstroth frames.


Customer Reviews (4)


These boxes are brilliant, I love them bees love them, can't fault them

Don't you just love these paradise hives and boxes, brilliant

Paradise broodbox Can't fault them, great boxes, and very well made and sturdy, I love them, and my bees overwinter great in them

Great boxes, I have quite a few paradise langstroth poly hives, and I have to say they are brilliant, people on my Facebook Beekeeping group and my YouTube channel have been asking and commenting on them, I can't praise them enough

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