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Langstroth full depth frame feeder 3KG



A very well designed Langstroth frame feeder, holding up to 3KG of sugar syrup. The design incorporates internal floats and is filled by a rectangular section pipe running from the top of the frame. This pipe carries the syrup to the bottom of the feeder and under the floats. This feeder can therefore be re-filled even with bees present and without risking drowning the bees. Easily cleaned this feeder is excellent for nucs and during queen rearing but can of course be used at any time of the year the bees need extra sugar.

The inside of the feeder is ribbed to give the bees a good grip. When the feeder arrives the two floats are stored inside the inner channel, under the black cover. They should be removed and dropped into the reservoirs either side of the central channel before the feeder is used. When you fill the feeder ensure the floats are floating free. If they don't float to the surface give them a poke with the hive tool to free them as they can from time to time get trapped. This is not an issue when the bees are consuming the syrup, only when refilling an empty feeder.

Please note: this frame feeder should not be used with an inner hive cover on our hives unless it has been modified. This is because the inner cover sits very tightly on top of the feeder and prevents the bees accessing the syrup. If you wish to use it with the inner cover it is necessary to cut about 6MM from the top of the feeder sides to create the necessary, gap for the bees to crawl over to reach the syrup. The full width of the feeder does not need to be cut back, only a few short sections between the spacers - a scalloped effect is what to aim for.

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