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Langstroth complete hive with 1 jumbo & 2 medium bodies



A complete high density polystyrene langstroth hive (less frames) consisting of:

Langstroth roof
Langstroth floor and varroa mesh
1 x Jumbo body
2 x Medium bodies
Queen excluder
Varroa tray
Feed cover plate
Hive entrance reducer
Hive strap
Hive screws

This hive has a 295MM deep brood body which takes 10 langstroth jumbo frames. Langstroth jumbo frames are the same width and depth as dadant and thus give a large brood area plus plenty of space for stores for over-wintering. Dadant hives were favoured by brother adam of buckfast abbey but the full dadant hive is very heavy, this jumbo langstroth in high density polystyrene has fewer frames than a dadant and is therefore lighter but still offering plenty of space for the queen.

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