Langstroth complete hive with 1 jumbo & 2 medium bodies


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a complete high density polystyrene langstroth hive (less frames) consisting of:

langstroth roof 
langstroth floor and varroa mesh 
1 x jumbo body
2 x medium bodies
queen excluder 
varroa tray
inner hive cover 
hive entrance reducer 
hive strap 
hive screws 

we now include an inner plastic cover and entrance reducer with all our standard hives.   although not essential (a sheet of polythene can be used under the roof and the entrance reduced with a strip of sponge or bit of wood) they make beekeeping with these hives a lot easier. The entrance reducer also doubles as an entrance closer which is very useful if the hive needs to be moved.  

this hive has a 295MM deep brood body which takes 10 langstroth jumbo frames. Langstroth jumbo frames are the same width and depth as dadant and thus give a large brood area plus plenty of space for stores for over-wintering.   dadant hives were favoured by brother adam of buckfast abbey but the full dadant hive is very heavy, this jumbo langstroth in high density polystyrene has fewer frames than a dadant and is therefore lighter but still offering plenty of space for the queen.

you can find all of the langstroth complete hives here.  

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