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Honey paw Langstroth Polystyrene Hive With Three Deeps

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Brand: Honey Paw

Honey paw Langstroth Polystyrene Hive With Three Deeps

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Our Honey Paw Langstroth polystyrene hive is tested and proven to work in the extreme conditions of Finland’s harsh winter. Our polystyrene hive is lightweight but designed to last for many years of use.

The hive material density is over 100 kg/m3 which makes it by far the thickest on the market. Our Polystyrene Hive offers exceptional thermal performance with higher honey production with a unique and ergonomic design.

Higher insulation capability works in both cold and hot weather countries keeping the hive warm during the cold winter and keeping the excess warmth out of the hive in hot temperatures. Honey Paw polystyrene bee hive material is better, stronger, and with higher thermal value than normal polystyrene beehives

Langstroth roof
Langstroth floor
3 Deep Brood 
Queen excluder
Hive entrance reducer (depending on floor type)
5m Premium hive strap

Why Choose Honey Paw Hives

  • Exceptional thermal performance

Honey Paw’s polystyrene bee hives offer a stable and healthy environment for honey bees.

Outstanding thermal capabilities help bees to survive in cold winters and an innovative ventilation system keeps the hive dry during the winter and summer time. A warm and stable environment helps the faster buildup of the colony and bees don’t have to make so much effort to keep the brood chamber warm.

  •  Higher honey production

Field tests have proven that with the Honey Paw’s polystyrene hives, you will get increased honey production compared to wooden hives. Higher production is because of the healthier colony and higher number of bees.

  • Ergonomic and compatible design

Honey Paw’s polystyrene hives offer an ergonomic design to work with. Hive boxes’ handles

are designed in a way that you can get a good grip of the box even when working with hives that have many boxes on top of each other. Honey Paw polystyrene bee hives are also compatible with other hives with similar dimensions (also wooden ones) since it doesn’t have “special” stepped profiles.

  • Best durability but minimal weight

Polystyrene hives are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a density of over 100kg / m3. This makes the Honey Paw’s hives long-lasting but with minimal weight. Compared to wooden hives, polystyrene hives are much lighter due to the material, but also because the material doesn't absorb water like wood.

In Finland where the weather conditions vary a lot during the year, some of the polystyrene hives have lasted almost 20 years.

  • Improved feeding system

Honey Paw offers a compatible top feeder with a capacity of 15 Liters. The feeder is placed directly under the hive’s roof. The feeder has internal entry from the hive and a protective corner plexi cover so that the bees don’t get disturbed if the hive roof is removed.

  • Easy pollen collection

Honey Paw offers an option for the hive to have a bottom with an integrated pollen trap. Pollen stays safe from external weather conditions under the hive. It has easy access with a drawer from behind of the hive.

  • Environment and cleanliness

Honey Paw’s hive’s EPS as a material is environmentally friendly. The manufacturing process and use don’t generate any risks to the environment and health. EPS on Honey Paw’s hives meets international regulations and is approved material to be directly in contact in any food material.

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