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Honey Taster Set

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Not sure where to start when choosing which honey to have? Our taster set is the perfect way to decide! Each gift box contains one of each of the following:- English Heather Honey - 4oz English Blosso

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    Not sure where to start when choosing which honey to have? Our taster set is the perfect way to decide!

    Each gift box contains  one of each of the following:-

    English Heather Honey - 4oz   
    English Blossom Honey - 4oz
    English Borage Honey - 4oz
    English Soft Set Honey - 4oz
    English Blueberry Honey - 4oz

    Dependant on the season the Heather and the Blueberry may be exchanged for alternative in season honey.

    Blueberry Honeyrare, precious and deliciously intense
    The taste of our blueberry blossom honey is delicate, sweet and complex. A subtle twist of blueberry fruitiness blends with earthy and floral notes to make a honey that’s light, silky smooth and deliciously intense.
    Try it… drizzled over Greek yoghurt, summer fruits and granola; melted into your favourite herbal tea or trickled over scones, waffles or pancakes.




    Borage Honey from bees made merry by the nectar of starflowers

    Naturally light, clear and runny, Borage Honey tastes exquisite. It is sweet, sharp and delicate, with notes of lemon and orange.


    Try it… chilled to the consistency of a chewy toffee or swirled through a bowl of porridge (with which it makes a pleasing rhyme!)





    Soft Set HoneyCreamy, indulgent and outrageously moreish


    Our Soft Set Honey looks and tastes a lot like freshly made vanilla fudge. It’s fragrant and mellow, with just a whisper of grittiness and, if you’re lucky, you’ll crunch on one or two tiny sugar crystals as it dissolves on your tongue.


    Try it… by the spoonful, straight from the jar! Or, if you’re a little more disciplined than us, this honey is sumptuous on wholemeal toast, crumpets or croissants.




    Blossom Honey– the taste of your own back garden

    Light, sweet and fragrant, Blossom Honey is our original, most locally produced, Happy Valley Honey. Only the honeybees – connoisseurs of the herbs, wildflowers and garden blooms that thrive in our little corner of Cheshire – know the secret recipe, but the resulting smooth, gentle and beautifully-balanced honey never fails to delight.


    Try it… swirled into homemade ice cream or melted into a sneaky hot toddy, this multi-talented honey can do whatever you need of it. From glazed roast carrots to an indulgent rhubarb fool, the honey from your garden is an essential ingredient to go with local produce or your own home-grown fruits and vegetables.





    Heather Honey – the taste of the Derbyshire moorlands


    Complex, aromatic and not too sweet, our Heather Honey combines smoky, warm, woody and floral notes in a flavour as intense and unrefined as the moorlands it comes from.



    Try it… with blue or smoked cheese or to sweeten a strong black coffee or even a nip of whisky – or serve it with shortbread, gingerbread or toasted sourdough as a use it as a (sticky, drippy but delicious) dip.


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