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honey paw Nuc Body Medium depth (2/3 Langstroth)




Medium Nuc (2/3 Langstorth size) or aka Farrar super with depth 168mm (6⅝ inches). This box is also suitable for Australian "Manley" depth frames. Honey Paw Nuc Box gives you variety of possibilites - Capacity of 4 frames - Innovative and unique design- Used for queen rearing, preseving and merging colonies - 2x Nuc boxes can be used side by side with normal 10 frame hive body.

Dimensions:- Inner dimensions: 464mm x 144mm  (18 1/4 x 5 5/8 inches)-

Outer dimensions: 544mm x 224mm (21.4 x 8.82 inches)-

Wall thickness 40mm (1.58 inches)