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Honey Paw Langstroth Migratory Cover / Roof




Honey Paw hive roof and bottoms suitable for beekeeping around the world

Honey Paw roof and bottoms are designed to meet the requirements of every season. No matter are you living in the hot temperature area or place where the climate changes radically when season changes, we have something to offer for everyone. All the hive parts are made with superior manufacturing technique using the best raw materials resulting expanded polystyrene beehives with density over 100 kg / m3. In bulk supply, roofs and bottoms are packed tight on a pallet to ensure low freight cost per unit.

Multifunctional hive roof for dynamic and changing climate keeping the beehive warm especially when wintering and offering ventilation possibility when turned upside down.

Honey Paw beehive roof is 45 mm thick in the middle and that the beehive stays warm no matter what. Roof has overhanging outside edges to provide protection against weather. If the hive temperature should rise to high, the roof can be turned upside down forming an exit tunnel for warm air inside of the beehive.