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Honey Paw Langstroth Medium Super



Usually used as a super but can also be used as a brood box. 

Honey Paw manufactures beehive boxes with many years of experience in using polystyrene beehives. Polystyrene beebox beats the traditional wooden hives in thermal performance, honey production bee hive colony healthiness without compromising in providing long lasting products by using the best polystyrene material and superior manufacturing process.

Honey Paw polystyrene bee boxes are lightweight and easy to handle, but offers the best material durability againast hive tools and years of use. Hive bodies are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) with density of 100 kg /m3 which makes about 10 times more dense than poylstyrene used in packing and twice the densitiy used in manufacturing motorcycle helmets.

Bee boxes comes in 10 frame capacity and are standard sizes. Smooth edges without any special profiles offers maximum compatibility with other hive parts.