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Honey Paw Langstroth Feeder 15L




Honey Paw designed the 15L feeder to make feeding the bees effortless. Feeding can be done without disturbing the bees by removing the roof and adding sugar syrup. The feeder has an internal access from the front of the hive. Bees climb through the entrance under the clear cover to feed. The feeder is very well designed to help the bees exit once they are full by using a stepped slope for grip.

The clear cover is placed so that the air flow or daylight doesn't disturb the bees and lets you monitor there feeding activities. The bottom of the feeder has a slight slope to allow the syrup to drain to the front but maintains a level bottom to prevent brace comb forming on the underside. The feeder should be painted inside and out to allow easier cleaning. The feeders can also be turned upside down should you require to feed fondant.

One of the most interesting things about this feeder is that it can be placed across two 4 frame nucs as it has two separate entrances for each one. This is similar to the setup that Michael Palmer uses in his "Palmerized Hive"