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Stainless steel honey mixing screw




To make soft set honey it is necessary to stir in about 10% of a smooth set honey to act as a seed for the fine crystallisation of the remaining honey. This 65CM stainless steel crew is fully polished along its length unlike some cheaper alternatives. Use with an electric drill at slow speed to reduce the amount of air drawn into the honey. Also ideal for blending honeys.

If you do not have a fine seed honey take about one pound (500G) of coarsely set honey and with a pestle and mortar grind it a small amount at at a time until no crystals can be felt while grinding. Mix this finely ground honey with about three times its weight of warmed liquid honey which has no crystals and leave overnight at a low temperature, in a refrigerator is ideal. The resulting mix will set with a fine crystal structure and can be used as a seed for a larger batch.


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