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Honey creamer and mixer 100 kg, stainless steel with heating


Double-walled electrically heated honey blender for homogenization. The stainless steel propeller is fitted on an inclined shaft and is height adjustable, so that it can also mix when the tank is not full. The bottom of the inner tank is inclined towards the outlet so the honey can drain out. The tank has a 3-leg stand. The lid is fitted with an electric safety lock to prevent opening while the machine is operating. Stainless steel ball valve 2" is built in at the lowest point. The homogenizer is made entirely of materials appropriate for managing foods.

Technical data:
Tank capacity: 300 kg
Motor: 400 V/ 50 Hz, power 550 W
Rotation speed: 50 n/min
Heating power: 2.000 W
Container size: inner diameter ca. 57 cm, outer diameter ca. 63 cm
Height: approx. 100 cm
Weight: 102 kg