Swienty Swi-Bine2 Mating Nuc with frames

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Brand: Swienty

Swienty Swi-Bine2 Mating Nuc with frames

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SWI-BINE mating hive fulfills these demands:

1. It is well insulated.
2. There is enough space for food.
3. The bees have 3 frames to work on.

The front has a sliding panel, which regulates the ventilation and opens or closes the flight hole.

The bottom of the hive is built with a plastic panel that can be removed when you want to fill the hive with bees or when you want to introduce the mated queen into a queenless family.

A queen excluder in front of the food chamber ensures that the bees won't build into this area.

113110 is the SWI-BINE without frames.
113102 is spare wooden frames for the SWI-BINE.


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