The active ingredient in Formicpro™ mite treatment strips is formic acid. Each Formicpro™ mite strip formulation concentrates the formic acid to be an...
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THYMOVAR is best used directly after the honey harvest, It is a well tolerated reliable treatment for Varroa. Expiry November 2023
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Oxuvar 5.7%

Varroa mite treatment containing Oxalic acid. Depending on the time of year, Oxuvar can be either diluted with water and sprayed directly onto the col...
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Hive Alive

The 100ml bottle feeds 10 colonies. Activates 40 litres of syrup.HANDY MEASURING CUP INCLUDED!Feed supplement for bees that can be easily added to sug...
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Wasp Trap

Stylish and durable plastic design reusable wasp traps. Easy to use and gives flexibility in positioning as either a hanging or free-standing trap.Can...
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This section contains our range of products to assist with bee health including food, supplements and hive clean. 

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