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Oxuvar 5.7%



Product Summary:

Varroa mite treatment containing Oxalic Acid. Depending on the time of year, Oxuvar can be either diluted with water and sprayed directly onto the colony, or mixed with sugar and applied as a trickle application. Oxuvar kills varroa mite without harming the honey bees. Approved for use in the UK by Veterinary medicine Directorate (VMD). Pack contains 275g, enough to treat 5-10 colonies when diluted with water and sprayed or 6-15 colonies when added to sugar for a trickle application.

One pack contains contains 275g Oxuvar (equal to 57.4 mg oxalic acid dihydrate) and treats 5-10 colonies when diluted with water and sprayed or 6-15 colonies when added to sugar for a trickle application. 

When to use:



To be used as a spray treatment for application to broodless colonies, man-made broodless colonies or swarms newly lodged in hives. Spray application should be made without honey supers mounted, there is a zero day withdrawl period for honey. To be used as a trickle application treatment during winter.

The problem:

Varroa mite (Varroa destructor) is an increasing problem in UK honey bee hives. This bee parasite lives on the bees and within the hives feeding on the bees. Attack from varroa mite can weaken bees making them less able to do their job and support the colony, it also makes the bees more susceptible to disease. Hives with significant infestation levels of varroa will produce less honey, be in poorer condition and are less likely to survive through winter.

The product:

Oxuvar contains oxalic acid and is approved for use in UK by VMD (Vm: 36234/4001) to treat Varroa as either a spray or trickle treatment.  

Registered for use in UK with VMD

Spray application for swarm management or use before placing honey supers. Pure formulation does not cause sticky hairs or wings

Trickle application for varroa management going into winter. Oxuvar bottle has been designed with large head space to allow mixing with sugar within the original packaging

How to use:

Product contains Oxalic acid, always read the label before use.

Store below 30°C until use. Do not freeze

For application as a spray use a hand held sprayer. Ensure sprayer has been calibrated to identify the number of sprays required to apply the intended dose

For trickle application use immediately after mixing with sugar. To apply use a hand held syringe or automatic syringe. Ensure syringe has been calibrated to ensure the correct dose

Expires: 02/2023

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