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Apitraz® is an Amitraz based product for the treatment of Varroa Destructor in Apis Melifera. Treatment with Apitraz requires you to use two easy-to-use strips per brood box this will provide the correct dose to eliminate Varroa and prevent resistence from occuring.


  • Quick to install - fast and easy self-hanging mechanism, simply fold the two tabs and insert.
  • 10 individual strips per pack. No tearing required. Save time and hassle.
  • 10 week treatment period, which can play a key role in reducing reinfestation
  • Kills up to (or over) 98%* of mites in a single treatment
  • Designed for fast and efficient in-hive application
  • No residue build-up in wax


  • Each strip contains 500mg of Amitraz – a substance highly toxic to Varroa but safe for bees and queens
  • Slow release polymers ensure effective distribution of the active ingredient throughout the hive
  • 2 week withholding period - this means you need to wait 2 weeks after the treatment has been removed before putting on your Honey Boxes
  • Developed and manufactured by Calier Laboratories in Europe

* When the amount of brood is low and there are only 1-2 brood frames. 1. Sánchez Escudero, M.D., Fernández Tejedor, T., Calatayud Tortosa, F., Zabalgogeazcoa, I.,Sánchez Martín, M. J. (2016). Fight against Varroosis in beehives. 2. Babiano Serrano, J.A. (2015). The Apitraz Efficacy Test Report (Badajoz). 3. Casas Ramos, B. The Study of Apitraz to Control Varroa. Apicultura ibérica. 2013;4:24-29.