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Apipasta Plus 1KG or 14KG



At Modern Beekeeping we feel this pollen substituate (pollen patty) is on the the best on the market, that why were confident enough to use this exclusively on our own bee farm for spring build up.


We see an increase on the amount of bees our colonies are able to produce.


Apipasta Plus is a Paste-like feed which acts as a pollen substitute, not a supplement and provides all the necessary macronutrients for the proper development of the bees.

Advantages of Apipasta Plus:

  • It provides all the benefits of pollen in the feeding of the hive.
  • Easy to use , it does not need previous preparation nor the contribution of water.
  • Very good assimilation by bees, specially designed for the extraction and ingestion of bees.
  • Products consumed by the bee, is not stored in the hive, eliminating the problems of contamination of honey with sugars.
  • Product has a  long shelf life , can be stored for more than 18 months if stored under normal conditions.
  • Absence of hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), toxic sutancia for the bee.


Its use is advised in:

  • For stimulation of the hive, provide two weeks before flowering.
  • For the recovery of protein reserves or maintenance during the winter, supply at the beginning of autumn.
  • Development for breeding.


Store in a cool dry place, preferably at an ambient temperature of approximately 15°C.


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For the rest of our range of Fondants and Syrups please Look Here


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Best bee feed I have used, but its not cheap

Great Product, ordered all 4 of the foods, bees are very happy with it!

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