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Filling machine for honey with rotating loader Mini ø 65 cm


This turntable is controlled by the software of the Fill up 2:
Function: the empty jars are placed on the outer rim of the table. They will automatically arranged into the right filling position. The sensor will detect every jar once it is are in the right positon. The control unit stops the table . Then the machine starts filling. After the filling the table starts moving again to get the next empty jar under the nozzle. The filled jars are automatically moved into the center of the table, from where there need to be removed by hand.
This turntable works for round, squared or hexagonal jars from 50 ml to 500 ml. If you have different jars or bottles to fill, please contact us for an individual offer.
This combo is the basic set for filling honey only. If you want to fill other products with this turntable, please contact us and we are going to make you an individual offer for the perfect machine for your product(s).

Technical Data:
- Bottling capacity: 390 jars 500 g honey (ca. 350 ml) / hour
- Motor Turntable: 230 VAC
- O of the turntable: 650 mm
- Platform of the turntable: ca. 530 x 640 mm (some parts jut out)
- Rotation speed of the turntable: 2 rpm (fix)