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Logar Filling machine for honey Fill up


he Nassenheider Fill up machine was originally designed for the bottling of honey, but in the meantime we have developed adaptions to bottle other liquids with like mustard, ketchup, various dairy-products, oil etc.. Please fill out the enquiry form if you want to bottle other products besides honey.
The compact size allows a very variable set up, especially if there is only little space in small-scaled companies, like apiaries, dairies or other small food-manufacturers.

This device is successfully on the market for many years now, the new generation received a complete new electronic control unit. This allows an even more efficient workflow with many different optional settings.
The possibility of software-updates by USB-interface allows even more options for the future.

Automatic dosing and bottling

- of every sort of honey and other fluids of a viscosity similar to honey
(dynamic Viskosität ? ca. 1.000 - 12.000 mPa·s, more details on request)

- other liquids like mustard, ketchup, sauces, oil, pesto,
various dairy products, fruit mush etc. In some cases we
would recommend different pump-heads etc.

- of every amount from 1 oz (or 10 g) to 1199 oz
(34 kg), all usual container-contants are pre-
programmed and can be altered easily

- into jars/containers of every common size up
to 13 inches (340 mm) as the height of the
pump and the position of the jar is infinitely

- with a bottling-speed of e.g. 360 jars of 500g
(about 18 oz) per hour

- with a filling-exactness of ± 2-3 g (with 500g-jars);
therefore you will be able to save lots of honey, if you
are currently filling a little additional "safety-amount" into
every jar.

Necessary honey-temperatures for bottling and pumping:
- 68-77 F (20-25°C) (fresh extracted, liquid);
- 77-95 F (25-35°C) (creamy, <16% water, heather honey)

Simple and quick calibration
before the beginning of the bottling of a new sort of liquid. It is not necessary to adjust the machine during the filling-process
(if the liquid is homogeneous regarding temperature and viscosity).

Pumping - also in reverse mode
in the continuous operation is possible-
to carryheavy buckets (e.g. from the filtration-unit to the storage-tank) is no longer necessary.
The machine pumps about 260 kg (573 lb) per hour.
For pumping operation you will need the optional second pipe-bend (N°. 304001).
For the use in the filtration-unit (after honey extracting) we offer the niveau-switch (N°. 303004).

Creaming of honey
by controlled pumping between two containers (see manual for more details).
You need the additional pipe bend (304001) and 1-2m hose (304002, see compatible articles).

Various possibilities to connect the pipe
are given by the various optional obtainable adapters (see "compatible articles").
It is also possible to empty a container from above, the machine is able to suck honey (but hardly other liquids) from a lower level (1 m max.) after priming.

Cleansing is very easy
as the pumping module can quickly be released from the driving module and it can be disassembled completely .
The pumping module is made of plastic (POM) and stainless-steel (1.4301) and can be cleaned in a sink.

Simple operation of the electronic control-unit
by only a few keys, a display with two lines and intuitive software-design.
You can start straight away- many adjustments are preassigned.
Latest electronic components guarantee an undisturbed operation with a very high filling-accuracy.

24 V-DC-motor