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DANA api MATIC 1000 fillingstation Ø45 tabletop




DANA api MATIC tabletop filling station Ø45 with DANA api MATIC 1000.

(Hopper must be ordered seperately)

With this Dana api Matic filling station your filling process will become much easier. You only have to set empty jars on the table and take the filled jars from the table. This gives you much more time to handle boxes with empty or filled jars. 

You can fill up to 200kg per hour with your D into jars from 10g to plus 1kg with this filling station. 

The machine is simply plugged into a 100-250V outlet and connected to a honey tank and you are almost ready to go. See our instructions and demo videos on youtube.com/swientydenmark.

All supplies needed are included (1.5m hose, fittings, cut-off valve, etc.). Should you want to connect your filling machine directly to your honeytank, you will need special fittings to connect the hose to your tank.


Technical Data
Dana Api Matic 1000: Computer controlled gear pump
Filling table: Turntable with electronic control.
Table top: Stainless steel top, Ø45 cm
Jar / Glass size: min. Ø30mmxH30mm / max. Ø120mm x H250mm
Speed of rotation: 3 RPM
Filling range: 10 g/oz/mL - 8 g/oz/mL
Pump capacity: Approx. 140 L/hr (200 kg honey)
Precision: +/- 1%
Power: 230V/50Hz, (120V/60Hz model on request)
Powerconsumption: 230W
Connections: 1 1/2" BS -> 1 1/2" hose
Accessories included: Hose, fitting, antidrip nozzle, Spare parts etc.
Dimensions: L55 x W50 x H41 cm


Approx Delivery - 10-15 working days