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DAM 1000 incl. Table stand and switch



DANA api MATIC 1000 with tablestand and switch - a modern and powerful filling machine.


The machine consists of a Swienty constructed gear pump unit made of food grade plastic and precise Swienty dosing electronics to contol the pump.


The latest Swienty dosing electronics ensure powerful filling and a drip-free function. The filling weight is digitally displayed and can be set for amounts from 20 grams to 10 kilos or 0.1 to 100oz.


The machine is easily calibrated to ensure precise filling. All you need is a scale as assistance (not included).


Up to 20 different standard filling programs can be stored containing the weight, antidrip setting, speed, a calibration factor and other filling parameters. The electronics have a resetable log and count the number of fillings during the filling cycle and also in total during machine life time.


Further the total quantity (kg or oz) can be displayed. In pumping mode the pump quantity will be displayed (calibration required).


The machine operates with great precision (+/-1 - 2g under suitable conditions). Because of this precision, overfilling is avoided and pays for the machine within a very short time.


As a pump, the machine can operate equally well in both directions. The speed and direction can be selected directely from the front panel.


All parts that come in contact with your honey are constructed of either stainless steel or food grade plastic and can easily be taken apart (without tools) and cleaned.



With the machine you recieve an included spare parts set containing:


1 x 110065D Cross-cut Ø20


1 x 110072 Black rubber diaphragm


1 x 500212 Gasket


1 x 502740 Handmountable nuts for pumphead DAM


1 x 508037 O-ring 37x2 NBR 70


1 x 508082 O-ring 82x2 NBR 70


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Table stand NEW DESIGN!


Flexible and robust table stand for Dana api Matic 1000.


With the table stand, you can easy and quickly set the height of your filling machine, if you are filling glass jars in different heights.


The stand is produced in strong stainless steel and has a guide in plastic, that you can hold the jar against, so it is centered exactly under the filling nozzle. The guide can also be adjusted back and forth, depending on the diameter of your jar.


You can set the stand in 13 different heights in 0.5 cm intervals.


The stand can be used for jars with a complete height between 3,5 cm and 16 cm.


Technical data:




Length: 37 cm


Width: 32 cm


Height: 41 cm


Thickness: 3 mm


Weight: 4.6 Kg


Switch for tablestand


A great help, when you fill honey in jars.


As soon as you hold the jar against the switch, the filling machine starts the filling.


This way you can start the filling machine without activating "start" on the display or using the foot pedal.

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