Bee-Z Smoker

  • £148.00

There have been many standard low priced smokers that have entered the market in recent years and we often speak to people who are looking for a smoker that is better quality and is long lasting. Our stainless steel smoker with insert fits the bill and is very popular. However we started to hear about the Bee-Z smoker in 2012 and its growing popularity in the USA. The smoker is electric, does not require lighting and does not go out!  One charge is enough for up to 200 hives which makes the Bee-Z smoker ideal for commercial beekeeping, as well as for the hobby beekeeping. The smoker has a heating element in the bottom of the smoker canister, which produces cool regular smoke, without the heat build up that you sometimes get with conventional smokers. 

The battery is housed in the base of the handle. Simply plug the charger into the port. When the light on the charger changes to green, you are ready to go! The ergonomic handle fits all hand sizes with ease. The Bee-Z-Smoker generates natural smoke from wood shavings that you would use in a conventional smoker.

We have three videos showing the Bee-Z smoker in action, along with some frequently asked questions. The videos really are worth watching to understand what a great smoker it is. Although the smoker is pricey when compared to a conventional smoker the Bee-Z smoker is a luxury worth having.

If the batteries have been in the cold (below 32 degrees F or 0 C), the batteries will need to be brought up to a room temperature for 24 hours before trying to charge. Attempts made to charge a cold or frozen battery could  possibly cause loss of battery life and damage to the battery, as well as the battery will simply not charge properly.

Please note: Improper use of the Bee-Z-Smoker will cause a fire to start in the smoker canister. Any fire damage to the Bee-Z-Smoker will void warranty claims so please read the instructions in full before using your smoker. The smoker comes with a one year warranty.