6 Frame Medium Langstroth Nucleus Hive

  • £41.00
  • Save £5

Nucleus Roof
Nucleus Floor
Nucleus Medium Body
2 x Entrance Reducers
Varroa Mesh
Screw Pack

Identical to the Langstroth nucleus hive but built to take Medium or 3/4 Langstroth, also more widely known in the UK as Dadant Shallow frames (6.25" deep). This size frame is almost identical in brood area (number of cells per frame) as a BS National standard brood frame, so the bees have plenty of room.

A divider is available which splits the nuc into a 3 + 3 configuration, ideal for queen mating. 

Please note: our 1.8 kg entrance feeder does not fit these nuc boxes, you must use the 1.0 kg entrance feeder.

A set of instructions for the nuc box can be downloaded here

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