Kieler Mini Nuc Upper Body (without top bars)

  • £10.90

This upper body is designed for over-wintering a mini-nuc colony or to allow a queenless mini-nuc to be united with a queen-right colony. Like the Kieler mini-nuc itself it is supplied without top bars which must be purchased separately.The bees draw comb down from the top bars and will stop just above the top bars of the lower body exactly as happens with a Warré hive. Of course the bees do not always read the books we buy them and some wild comb can be expected but our own experience this year and hearing from customers is that in almost all cases the bees draw the comb correctly and only occasionally try to stick it to the sides. Please note the food compartment in the lower hive body cannot be moved up into this body as it is not deep enough. For the same reason if uniting two colonies the bottom of the combs going into the upper body will probably need to be trimmed slightly to get them to fit.

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